The Better Work Institute

Work better

Technology enables us to work from anywhere anytime. Globalization requires us to work across time zones. The world has changed. But the way we work has not kept pace. It is time to redesign what we do and how we do it. 

It is time to work better.


Who We Are

The Better Work Institute partners with global companies to help them transform the way that they work to keep pace with today's changing business realities. We address many of the biggest time wasters -- such as meeting overload, technology use, pressure to go fast, and managing across culture, distance and time zones -- all of which create inefficiencies despite the best of intentions. Our goal is to help people rethink what they do and how they do it -- with big improvements for their team’s performance and their employees’ personal lives. 

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The Research

The Better Work Institute's work is grounded in the rigorous academic research of founder and Harvard Business School professor, Leslie Perlow. Many of our client engagements are also long-term research partnerships. Our goal is to discover new ways that organizations can alter their work practices to benefit both productivity and employee well-being.